All photos by Justin Bridges unless otherwise stated.


Reflection. Martha’s Vineyard, 2014. (Shot for Lands’ End)

Supplies. Osterville, 2014. (Shot for Lands’ End)

Arriving. Martha’s Vineyard, 2014. (Shot for Lands’ End)

Outtakes with Noma Han. Brooklyn, 2014.

Public School NYC and Jenny Lyons for Meta Gala 2014. The Carlyle Hotel, 2014.

Le Rocketship. Paris, 2013.

Alyssa + Theo. Iona Island, 2014.

John Jannuzzi. Bear Mountain, 2014.

JaKenna. Catskills, 2014.

Christina. Indio, California 2014.

Anna. Indio, California 2014.

Thicket. Catskills, 2014.

Huddled. Catskills, 2014.

Crew. Catskills, 2014. (Shot by Niraj Mehdiratta)